Chirp Record Fair


2015 Pitchfork Vendor Map


One week until CHIRP's Record Fair at Pitchfork Fest! See this year's vendor map below - blue tables are individual vendors; green tables are independent record labels; orange tables are record stores with physical locations; purple tables are music-related merch; grey tables are non-profits and informational booths; and CHIRP is CHIRP red, of course!

Download a PDF copy HERE.

Pitchfork vendor list filling up fast!


Good news Pitchfork attendees, and maybe-not-as-good-news prospective Pitchfork vendors – as of today (5/26/2015), we have sold over half of our vendor tables for the 2015 CHIRP Record Fair at Pitchfork Fest! If you haven't yet sent in your vendor contract, nab it here and send it in ASAP.

If you're gonna be joining us at Pitchfork, check out the already amazing list of vendors we have for you this year!

Pitchfork Contract is online now!


Now that we've put a very successful and fun April Record Fair behind us, it's time to look forward to the Pitchfork Fest Record Fair! We will be open all three days of the fest once again this year, which will be July 17-19. Keep an eye on the site for vendor and artist signing updates. 

Dealers and labels, find this year's Pitchfork Record Fair contract HERE. Fill it out and get it back to us by June 5th - we're expecting to sell out this year though, so the sooner the better!


See you in July!

Thank you!


Enjoy some Instagrams and Tweets from a very successful 2015 CHIRP Record Fair! Thank you to everyone who participated!

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